NBU Opens Special Account to Raise Funds for Ukraines Armed Forces updated

29 de dezembro de 2023

To show key areas where advances are taking place we are also using updates from the UK Ministry of Defence and BBC research. But they hit very strong Ukrainian resistance almost everywhere and faced serious logistical problems with poorly motivated Russian troops suffering shortages of food, water and ammunition. Russian forces were bombarding Kharkiv, and they had taken territory in the east and south as far as Kherson, and surrounded the port city of Mariupol. Recent assessments by the ISW show Russian forces have made advances north of Bakhmut. It notes the building gives Ukraine a “localised defensive advantage” and says Russian forces will probably suffer significant losses if they attempt to assault the facility.

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  • Ukraine has continued ground operations on the eastern bank of the Dnipro River with heavy battles reported to be ongoing in the area around the village of Krynky, about 30km (19 miles) from the city of Kherson.
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Ukraine’s inseparable couple ditch handcuffs and go separate ways

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  • If both finalists obtained professional status (admitted to the Second League (tier 3)), then two better performers of the amateur competition are invited.
  • Her aim, she says, is to provide Ukrainian refugees with a “bubble of safety”.
  • On the 19 of August 2017 we were very happy to be guests on the wedding of our successful couple, Denny from Canada,…
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Is 5,000 Steps a Day Enough? Scientists Weigh In

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Ukrainian Cup

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